Friday, March 4, 2011

swept away.

haven't checked/updated this in ages, i'm sorry blog. i've abandoned you!

went to the east coast for the first time, getting married next month, working a ton, getting good grades...who am i? so much has changed in the last 3 months. holy shit. it's going at lightspeed. i can easily say that i haven't been this happy in years.

on shuffle:

DOM, "jesus" & "living in america"
the avett brothers, "swept away" & "colorshow"
bright eyes, "shell games" & "one for me, one for you"
akron/family, "silly bears"
toro y moi, "new beat"
delorean, "real love"
she & him, "theives"
adele, "rolling in the deep"
jessica lea mayfield, "our hearts are wrong"

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